Our Quality Promise

Excellence is not achieved by chance. It is the result of intelligent effort. We take our time to study ingredients carefully and select superior effective additives for our skincare formulas. Every single detail from material to technique is gone over with obsessive attention. Our guarantee is if our product doesn't completely deliver satisfaction, we'll take it back.

Read our 60-day money-back guarantee here.

At Vivalui, our commitment is complex, so yours doesn’t have to be.

We work hard to provide clean premium formulas that work with the simplest of daily routines because life is just better when you feel comfortable in your skin.

Our Core Values

Sustainability & Conservation

We are evolving towards zero carbon, sustainable, eco-friendly skincare, less material use by compacting skincare steps and adding more benefits per product.

Our products are made in the USA

Climate Change & Clean Water
1% of our sales are sent to One Tree Planted to conserve forests and for cleaner air.

We are choosing recyclable and bio-degradable packaging options to produce less waste & use less water.

We set out to reform skincare with one goal in mind: conserve.

Vivalui - is made from a latin word - Live - which is our stance - enhancing the quality of life on earth by conserving resources, using sustainable processes and materials, improving quality and safety.

In short, being a force for good in the world today.