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5 Reasons Why Men Should Add Lotion to Their Skincare Routine

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Healthy skin is a sign that you take care of yourself. More than anything, having radiant skin makes your appearance pleasant and thereby helps you create a solid first impression. While your lifestyle determines how healthy your skin is, you also need to have a proper skincare routine. But here's the thing – it's not just for women. Men need skincare too, and with regular shaving and exposure to sun and dust, it's time for men to pull up their socks and introduce lotion to their skincare routine.

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Lotion or moisturizer nourishes your skin. When you apply lotion, you provide your skin with hydration. Imagine being thirsty and getting a glass of water. That's exactly how your skin feels the first time you introduce lotion to your skincare routine.

Men generally have oilier skin than women. So, it's quite natural to wonder if lotion might make your skin oiler. There are different types of lotion for different skin. If you choose the right one, it won't make your skin oily but will improve skin health.

Men must add lotion to their skincare routine to help eliminate skin issues including dryness, shaving irritation and roughness. It makes it much easier for them to manage their skin when it is well moisturized. This goes for the body as well as the face.  

A man's skin is much different than a woman's with different skin texture and more facial hair. Still it requires care to give deep nourishment, keep PH levels balanced and to boost cell repair. 

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Types Of Lotion For Different Skin Types

If you have oily skin and don't want to use lotions that make your skin look oilier, you can go for gel-based hydrating lotions. When men add gel-based lotion to their skincare routine, it gets absorbed faster than cream-based ones and also gives the face a matte finish. This prevents over drying of the face while hydrating it at the same time.

For dry skin, you can go for any lotion that offers more hydration. Any lotion that contains shea butter or aloe vera can be your preferred choice. 

Applying Lotion Helps Reduce Skin Dryness

Dry and rough skin can show up at any time, especially during seasonal changes and in winter and it is important to keep it hydrated all the time. Problem areas, like knees and elbows, are prone to dry patches even faster than other areas of the body. To avoid dry, chapped skin, men should add lotion to their skincare routine and apply it at least once, if not twice a day. The best time to apply lotion is after bathing when skin pores open up. If you can't apply lotion after taking a shower or bath, you can apply lotion at bedtime, too, allowing your skin to stay hydrated while you sleep.

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Lotion Helps With Premature Wrinkles And Other Skin Problems

Skin problems caused by dryness include rashes, itchiness, and even premature wrinkles. Lack of hydration in the skin gives rise to atopic dermatitis, commonly called eczema. To keep these skin problems at bay, protect your skin from dryness with lotion. Using vitamin-rich lotions are best if you already suffer from dry skin problem. It helps you to enrich the skin with the nutrients required to keep it hydrated and fresh-looking. 

Lotion Neutralizes The PH Level Of The Skin

Modern-day pollution is the cause of several skin problems that lotions can fight. Dust particles get stuck in the skin and often cause bacterial growth if not cleaned properly. This deep cleaning and the chemicals in the cleansers often cause a PH imbalance. Using a good lotion can help the skin neutralize the PH level. This is the reason why after the cleansing, toning, and scrubbing routine, it is essential to apply lotion.

Lotion Helps Ease Irritation Caused By Shaving 

Why do guys use lotion and why do boys use lotion? Most men have to shave their facial hair from their teenage years. Regular shaving makes the face skin become rough and dry and often causes skin rashes. This is quite unavoidable since men have to keep shaving, but there is a way to prevent it. If men, from an early age, keep their skin hydrated with a proper skincare routine that includes a good lotion that suits their skin type, this dryness from shaving can be prevented. But if you haven't had a lotion included in your skincare routine since childhood, don't worry. Even after shaving, lotion relieves the dryness caused to the skin and keeps it soft and flawless. 

Creates An Even Tone

As compared to women, more men have an uneven skin tone caused by different reasons like exposure to the sun without skin protection and improper skincare routine. Dust also plays a role in making skin tone look uneven. After proper cleaning, it is important to apply lotion and hydrate the skin. Once the skin cells are hydrated, the skin looks supple, making it look even-toned.

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Why Does Lotion Make Me Sweat?

Sometimes applying lotion can cause certain people to sweat or at least feel like they are sweating more than normal. Use a light lotion if this happens to you. It will be more easily absorbed by your skin and you won't get that same sweaty feeling that heavier creams could give. 

If you need more reasons as to why men should add lotion to their skincare routine, try touching your forehead with clean hands. Does the skin of your forehead feel soft? If not, it is time to introduce lotion to your skincare routine every day. Just like your body shows symptoms of dehydration when you don't drink enough water, the skin too looks unhealthy when it doesn't get the hydration it needs. Make it a point to choose the right lotion that suits your skin to see amazing results.

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