Our Story

Amy Egboh

Vivalui was born of frustration. I've struggled with skin issues since I hit puberty. Nothing ever seemed to work - mostly due to my inconsistency with following my skincare routine. I ended up spending money on products that didn't seem to be working for me. I was losing both money and still having bad skin! And I still couldn't do all the skincare steps everyday, I was too busy.

The solution to my problem occurred to me in the shower, unironically. I thought, what if there was something I could use in the shower everyday that helped my skin be better? I literally have to shower everyday. And for good measure - something that didn't only clean my skin but had other benefits as well?

What if I could take skincare steps and compress parts of it? Make it easier - a two in one? Or three in one?

That's what Vivalui is - simplified, easier skincare.

My first thought was - who needs this as much as I do? Men. But then, I figured not just men, but all busy people - Men and Women need fast, effective skincare. So Vivalui is inclusive of all genders and careers.

We are growing and expanding our ideas of what skincare means to everyday people every day. We believe we can do more to provide solutions to support all different kinds of people with innovative, safe, sustainable skincare.

Welcome to Vivalui. I hope you enjoy all we have to offer.

With Love,

Amy Egboh.


Nick Egboh

Hey Guys,

I appreciate you reading my story.

I was delighted to start Vivalui with Amy in May, 2021. I'm bringing a male perspective to male skincare issues at Vivalui. As a software engineer, I'm always on-the-go with hardly any time to apply a full skincare routine. With Vivalui, I'm tackling problems specific to my skin and hopefully helping other men fix their skincare and grooming issues.

I believe in influencing Vivalui’s skincare with a focus on improving skincare products for men, making skincare products easier to use as well as more effective, enabling men thrive and achieve their social and career goals.

We at Vivalui remain committed to putting efficiency, sustainability, and innovation at the core of all we do at Vivalui.

From me to you,

Nick Egb.


Made for simplicity

Between shaving, acne, dark circles, sun damage, sensitivity, and irritation, guys have just as many issues as women. We began formulating simple skincare solutions for men & women that were safe, organic, easy to use, and felt premium with middle-shelf prices.

A Custom Approach

With our wide knowledge of skincare products and routines, we began crafting natural formulations for sensitive skin. Our customers want to look good without all the fuss. They want simple, easy-to-follow skincare routines without complicated steps or sloppy products that take too long to dry. They expect clean, healthy products that support their unique looks without overcomplicating the process.



Our Quality Promise

Excellence is not achieved by chance. It is the result of intelligent effort. We take our time to study ingredients carefully and select superior effective additives for our skincare formulas. Every single detail from material to technique is gone over with obsessive attention. Our guarantee is if our product doesn't completely deliver satisfaction, we'll take it back.

Read our 60-day money-back guarantee here.

At Vivalui, our commitment is complex, so yours doesn’t have to be.

We work hard to provide clean premium formulas that work with the simplest of daily routines because life is just better when you feel comfortable in your skin.

Our Core Values

Sustainability & Conservation

We are evolving towards zero carbon, sustainable, eco-friendly skincare, less material use by compacting skincare steps and adding more benefits per product.

Our products are made in the USA, Hong Kong & China

Climate Change & Clean Water
1% of our sales are sent to One Tree Planted to conserve forests and for cleaner air.

We are choosing recyclable and bio-degradable packaging options to produce less waste & use less water.

We set out to reform skincare with one goal in mind: conserve.

Vivalui - is made from a latin word - Live - which is our stance - enhancing the quality of life on earth by conserving resources, using sustainable processes and materials, improving quality and safety.

In short, being a force for good in the world today.