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The Best Skin Care Routine Ever. Period.

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Establishing a great skincare routine is key to looking great and feeling fabulous too. If you spend money on your wardrobe, gym membership, dental care and barber appointments, you will probably already have some sort of skincare routine in place. If you haven't bought a new shirt this year and don't know what the inside of your fitness center looks like, your skincare routine might be slapping on sunscreen for beach days.

Whether you are a skincare devotee or a newbie when it comes to taking care of your complexion, we have a skincare routine you need to check out. It's the best skincare routine of all time and it deserves your attention.

Even if you are really busy or on a tight budget, there is no excuse not to follow a quality skincare routine that incorporates all the goodness your skin craves, including vitamin e benefits for men.

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The Best Skin Care Routine Of All Time

1: Cleanser
You should cleanse your face twice a day, morning and evening. The cleanser removes impurities including toxins, oils, bacteria and dirt and prepares your skin so it can absorb the products in your skincare routine.

You can find many kinds of cleansers and might prefer a cream, foam, gel or liquid form.

2: Toner
Toner removes any impurities that the cleanser didn't get and balances your skin's pH level to improve the tone. Toner can help with skin conditions like acne and ingrown hairs and prevent reoccurring outbreaks.

3: Serum
Serums are potent potions that often contain vitamins and essential oils known for their healing properties. Don't be fooled by the tiny bottles, because serums can pack a punch when it comes to making your skin look bright, fresh and healthy. There are many different serums on the market, so start with an all-around serum and later move onto a specialized serum if you have concerns about specific issues like dryness, fine lines or wrinkles. If you are shopping online and are unsure of what you need, don't be afraid to ask for help through the contact and support features. The same goes for asking staff for assistance if you are in the pharmacy or supermarket.

4: Eye Cream
Eye creams are designed to care for the delicate skin around your eyes. As well as moisturizing the fragile skin, especially under your eyes, a good eye cream will reduce puffiness, dark circles and redness that you often see first thing in the morning.

5: Moisturizer
Last but not least, you need to moisturize your skin. It is like giving your skin a drink when you apply a light moisturizer with sunblock to protect your face from the sun in the morning. Before bed, a night cream should be applied. Night creams are heavier and work wonders while you sleep.

Understanding Your Skin Type

Before you start shopping for all these wonderful products, you need to know your skin type. Everyone's skin is different and prone to change due to factors like environment, diet, hormones, age, stress levels and more. So finding the right skincare routine for your individual needs can take some time. Here are the most common skin types, with many people falling into several categories.

Your skin can get dry when you don't use skin care products, expose your skin to the sun or hot water, or are constantly used in an environment with a heater or air conditioner. Dry spots are common around the eyebrows, forehead, nose, or maybe all over, including your neck. Your skin is probably begging for our best skincare routine of all time.

Normal skin means your body is producing ideal amounts of oil, so your skin moisture is balanced. You may have some oil in your t-zone (forehead, chin and nose), but generally, your skin is in good condition. You need to have a great skincare routine to maintain this skin type.

If you have oily skin, you might notice your skin looks shiny and greasy. You are prone to skin problems like pimples, ingrown hair and acne. A good skincare routine is essential for men with oily skin.

Your skin condition can vary between being dry, normal and sensitive at any given time. Your t-zone might be oily and your cheeks and neck could be dry. A good skincare routine will help you find balance and move towards a more normal skin type.

If you have sensitive skin, you could find many products make your skin flair up with allergies, itchiness and irritation. You also could be prone to acne breakouts and rashes. So you need a great skincare routine like the sun needs the moon.

No More Excuses For Not Looking After Your Skin
Here are some of the excuses men make for not looking after their skin. They are myths that get repeated in your mind and often are regretted later in life. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and needs to be cared for like your eyes, heart, lungs and liver. You don't want to reach your mature years and wish you'd taken care of your skin better. Prevention is better than a cure for premature aging and diseases like skin cancer. A great skincare routine can slow down the aging process and reverse any damage already done if caught in the early stages. So if any of these comments below sound like you, we challenge you to change them.

• It's too expensive...instead say...I'm investing in my health and wellbeing
• I don't have time...instead say...I have time to care for myself
• I'm young and don't need to worry about that now...instead is the time to take care of my skin
• There are too many products and I have no idea what to buy...instead say...I have a list of what I need and can ask for help if needed
• Skincare is for women...instead say...skincare is for everyone

Good looking man with great skin
It's never too late to start or change your skincare routine. In fact, most men need to assess and adjust their skincare routine every now and then. Give your skin the love and attention it needs and you will notice a change straight away and the benefits continue in the long term too.


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