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Do Guys Tend To Have Better Skin Than Women?

Just like women, men too want to look good. The good news is that guys often tend to have better skin than women. Wondering why? Let's take a look at the differences in men's and women's skin to understand this better.

The Difference Between Men's And Women's Skin

Both on the face and on the body, men have features that are very different from women's skin. Wondering why? Differences in skin are due to hormonal differences between men and women. The first difference is that most men have more hair than women and start shaving their facial hair at puberty.

Here are more of the most prominent differences between men and women's skin:

  1. Men have thicker skin than women

Thick skin can't be better, right? If that's what you are thinking, then time to think again. Or, you could just continue reading the article.

Collagen is the protein that keeps skin tight and firm-looking. It is thankfully the most abundant protein in our body and is responsible for keeping skin elastic. Now, men have more collagen in their skin. This is why their skin appears firmer and tighter. But as men and women start to grow old, the collagen content decreases. While it reduces at a constant rate in male skin, female suffers accelerated loss of collagen, particularly after menopause. Thus women's skin loses elasticity and firmness faster than that of men's. Due to this, most guys tend to have better skin even when they start to age.

  1. Men have oilier skin than women

This may sound like women have better skin as opposed to men, but this oiler skin, in a way, is a blessing, especially for older men. 

At a young age, men suffer from acne more than women. Men have larger pores in their skin which are more prone to getting blocked. Also, they have larger sebaceous glands, which lead to more oil on the skin. Oil, large pores and impurities cause acne. However, due to such high oil content, male skin doesn't dry easily to form fine lines when they start aging. Let's explore that in greater detail in the next point.

  1. Men show slower signs of aging 

Out of the many things that men are blessed with (no hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause), slow aging of the skin is also the same. Due to the thick texture of the skin, men don't show fine and wrinkles that soon. Because of delayed wrinkles, their aging is slower than that of women. Other signs of again that women develop like puffy eyes, a drowsy look, and dark circles are also delayed to appear. Again the collagen content in men plays a crucial role here. 

The above factors indicate that guys tend to have better skin than women. However, there is more to consider!

Shaving And Men's Skin

When a boy starts growing facial hair, they either keep it to a point or shave it. For beginners, when they don't use sufficient lubrication, it leads to razor burn and bumps. Regular shaving often leads to burns and cuts on the neck and face. This makes their skin more stressed out as compared to women's skin. Due to frequent shaving, the outermost layer of skin is extracted and leaves skin more prone to acne. It makes skin more sensitive and reacts faster to dirt and sun exposure. 

Almost 40% of men have experienced razor or shaving-related skin issues. Since shaving removes the uppermost layer of skin cells and exposes immature skin, men need to take proper care of their skin once they start to shave.

Shaving, or rather improper shaving techniques and lack of post-shaving care, tend to cause skin problems in many men giving an edge to their female counterparts in showcasing better skin.

Skincare Tips For Guys To Have Flawless Skin

Even though men are blessed with collagen, tighter skin, and no hormonal changes other than during puberty, their skin often looks dull as compared to women. Especially most men who are in their late twenties and early thirties start showing signs of poor skin due to stress, lack of proper rest and most importantly, almost no skincare.

Let's find out some of the reasons why sometimes men's skin doesn't look as flawless as women's and discuss some easy-to-follow solutions.

  1. Exposure To Sun And Pollution 

Long hours of being exposed to sun or dust leave an impact on the skin. Tanning, sun patches and the sensitivity of skin are just but a few of the problems caused by sun exposure. The solution? Use sunblock. 

Use sunscreen whenever you step outside the house. Even if it's cloudy, don't forget your sunscreen. Here's a guide to choosing the right sunscreen.

  1. Understand your skin type- is it oily, dry, sensitive, or combination skin. You can always consult a dermatologist to understand your skin type and choose a sunscreen that suits your skin type the best. 
  1. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30. 

After you get yourself the right sunscreen, use it religiously to see the gradual change.

  1. Dehydration 

Skin needs water. Not just applying moisturizer, but you need to drink plenty of water to have glowing skin. Since most boys, especially during their teens, tend to get fussy about everything, their water consumption also decreases. Make it a habit to drink enough water.

  1. Lack Of Micronutrients In Diet

Do you know that every vitamin and mineral has a vital role to play in your body? Vitamin C tends to provide a variety of benefits like increased healing capacity, reducing signs of early aging, and giving even tone texture to the skin. Vitamin D helps reduce spots, while Zinc helps in reducing acne, eczema and other inflammatory skin disorders. Include ample food rich in vitamins and minerals in your diet.

  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

Lack of proper sleep, too much stress, and smoking often lead to dull-looking skin in men. The solution? Get your habits right. Forming good habits not just helps your skin to look better than women's but also makes you healthy and active.

Men who are cautious about their appearance and take proper care of their skin tend to have better skin than women. Slower signs of aging on the face, not so frequent chances of hormonal changes, higher collagen production and a slower rate of decrease all of these lead to better skin in men. All that men need is a proper skincare routine.


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