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Easy Routine Tips To Minimize Facial Creases

The very first sign of aging is the appearance of facial creases. They start to appear in your thirties but differ from one person to another depending on various factors. Facial creases or wrinkles are common yet stubborn signs of aging. Be it the smile lines or the wrinkles on your brow, there is no way to escape facial creases. However, there are some easy routine tips to minimize common facial creases. All are easy to follow and work when you follow them as a part of your daily routine.

The first facial creases tend to appear on the forehead. The worry lines between the eyebrows are the most common ones to show in your thirties. Though these creases add character to your face, no one seems to like having them. Let’s take a look at some easy tips that help you keep common facial creases at bay.

Useful tips to minimize common facial creases

While some of the tips pertain to skincare routines, leading a healthy life is also essential to minimizing common facial creases. Stress, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of proper sleep all of this can lead to a faster appearance of common wrinkles. Even the way you sleep can impact your facial creases. Keep reading the article to find out how.

Use a gentle face wash, especially if you have dry skin

Washing your face with a cleanser removes excess oil from the skin. Cleansing is an essential part of any skincare routine, but choosing the wrong type of cleanser or leaving it on the skin for too long can cause you to lose important natural oil that keeps the skin hydrated. This could lead to your skin becoming dry and gradually leading to a faster appearance of common facial wrinkles.

Use a gentle cleanser and slow circular motions to cleanse your face. Don’t leave the cleanser on your face for more than a minute. This way you will wash away all the dirt, grime, and excess oil while keeping the natural oils locked in.

Moisturize your skin to minimize facial creases

The natural oil in the skin helps to trap moisture in the skin, making it feel soft and look healthy. As you reach your thirties, your oil glands start to slow down, making your face feel drier than before. This calls for a proper moisturizing routine to keep your skin hydrated.

Just like drinking water makes you feel good when you are thirsty, moisturizer does the same for your skin when your skin tends to lose its capacity to secrete enough natural oil. To minimize the appearance of common facial creases, choose a moisturizer that contains Vitamin C since it is a powerful anti-aging ingredient.

Use sun block to protect your skin from the UV rays

Since the skin on your face is more sensitive and softer than the rest of the body, the effects of the sun are most visible on the face. Long exposure to the sun without applying sunscreen can damage the skin and cause premature signs of aging like common facial creases.

Before stepping out in the sun, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion with an SPF of at least 30. Even if it is cloudy, don’t skip your sunscreen. The UV rays can penetrate the clouds and damage the skin on cloudy days too.

Use face creams that contain retinoids as one of the ingredients

Collagen is what makes your skin look plumper while you are young. With age, the skin slows down the production of collagen, leading to common face creases. Retinoid, also known as Retinol, helps the skin to increase collagen production. This magic ingredient is derived from Vitamin A and helps in improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Include food rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in your diet

Certain types of food accelerate the appearance of facial creases, while some help to delay their occurrence. Avoid the intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates that tend to speed up the skin aging process.

Add anti-inflammatory food like tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy vegetables and nuts to your regular diet. Along with this, make berries a part of your diet since they are rich in antioxidants helping you get rid of toxins and delay the appearance of signs of skin aging. If not berries, take an apple every day. A proper diet is one of the most important tips to minimize common facial creases.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Your sleeping postures are very important to decide how healthy your face skin can remain. It is noticed that those who sleep on their stomach or sleep sideways are vulnerable to creases on the face. You should never take your sleeping position lightly.

One solution to save your face from wrinkles is that you should use your back to sleep. When you sleep on your back, the pressure on the face skin is eliminated, which in turn gives you smoothness and symmetry on the face.

Also use silk-based pillow covers instead of cotton ones. Since silk reduces the friction while you toss and turn in your sleep, it helps to prevent creasing of the skin.

Practice regular mindful and meditative activities

Regular yoga and meditative practices will boost your oxygen levels and render you an even tone and glowing skin. Working late nights, having imbalanced sleep time, and stress may cause serious face problems for you. To avoid eyes puffiness and remove fine lines, you should never compromise your health. It is important to understand the gift post-yoga your face gets.

To reduce puffiness of the eyes, place your fingers on your eyelids and tap gently on the areas.

Signs of aging on the skin are inevitable, but you can surely minimize its appearance and delay its occurrence.

Understand why facial creases occur and maintain a lifestyle that helps your skin look younger for longer. Including vitamin and mineral-rich food in your diet, drinking plenty of water, meditating and maintaining a proper skincare routine, these easy routine tips help minimize common facial creases.

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