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Love Your Skin's Imperfections, And Find True Love On Dating Sites

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The modern world is all about perfection. Perfect relationships, perfect skin, perfect jobs… the world is blinded by the idea that only perfect is good. Anything that doesn't fall within the scope of perfection doesn't get any attention. Be it your Instagram reels or your love life, the need of the hour is to showcase them through the lenses of perfection.

Finding love despite skin imperfections

Can You Find Love If You Have Skin Imperfections?

Without having a flawless face, you can't find true love. That's what teens and young adults have come to believe. Now, the question is, are these unrealistic perfection standards replacing the beauty of being authentic? Is it true that without perfect skin, you can't find love?

Let's take a look at the history of cosmetics to find out if the world has always had insanely high beauty standards or has there been a sudden change in perception of beauty.

Should You Hide Skin Imperfections With Cosmetics To Find True Love?

Cosmetics date back to 7000 years ago, when Egyptians used makeup to enhance their features. Today, it's no more about enhancing your facial features but more about changing your face to a perfect one. Primers, concealers, highlighters, spot correctors- there are too many products to hide imperfections. Since the modern world has forced you to believe that imperfections make you ugly. Only makeup can make you pretty and help you find true love.

This is why the makeup industry is valued at 638.6 billion dollars in 2022 and is estimated to grow to 758.4 billion dollars in the next three years.

Hiding Skin Imperfections Behind Face Filter Applications

With the growing popularity of face filter applications, it's now a matter of a few seconds to go from having skin imperfections to a perfectly pretty-faced person. There is no need for a makeup kit and expertise to hide imperfections. While this helps you to look good, it also creates two different versions of you: a virtual one and a real one.

Often on dating sites, you may come across a beautiful, flawless face only to realize later that it wasn't his or her real self. Now the question is, would you want your partner to be authentic and genuine, or would you prefer someone who hides their imperfections with makeup and filters?

Do Guys Really Care About Acne Scars?

We all get skin problems at some stage of life from the pimple scab on face to the red spot on face that won’t go away or the small bump on nose bridge. But it’s never long lasting. Scars can last longer though. So do guys and girls really care about those? Once you fall in love it won’t matter one bit.

Why Should You Love Your Skin Imperfections If You Want To Find True Love On Dating Sites?

"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love."

This is a famous quote by Sophocles on true love. True love won't see your skin imperfections as a sign of weakness but accept you the way you are. It will free you from the weight and pain of being told that your skin isn't perfect, you are not worthy enough and you look imperfect. So, while finding true love on dating sites, don't put on makeup to hide your imperfections. Use makeup to accentuate your best features and enhance your beauty. Remember that your imperfect skin doesn't define your worth. Your honesty does.

If you have skin imperfections from birth, be proud of them. Show it off to the world just as it is. If any incident leaves a scar on your skin, be grateful that it wasn't fatal and that the scar is but a reminder of the incident. There is nothing to hide when it comes to your skin. Being comfortable in your skin is what makes you perfect.

However, there are ways to ensure that you have healthy skin. A birthmark, mole or a deep scar is what you can wear on your skin with pride, but if you suffer from breakouts or other treatable skin problems, you can always get in touch with a licensed dermatologist and cure such issues.

If you have acne-prone, oily skin, remember to clean your skin every day to avoid the buildup of oil, dirt and bacteria that can clog your pores. For dry skin, remember to hydrate your skin with nourishing moisturizer every day to prevent flaky skin.

One thing to remember, no matter if your skin imperfections are there to stay or can be treated, you are above any physical imperfections and your true love will always understand that.

Ways To Love Your Skin Imperfections

Do guys really care about acne scars? Do guys care about razor burn? Some do while others have discovered how to love them.

Let every scar tell a story as a way to love your skin imperfections. A cut mark on the eyebrows and multiple scars on the knees and elbows are reminders of the days gone by. As a child, if you were a mischievous one, you most likely have more than one scars that you have got from a fall or while running at the park. Let every scar on your skin tell a story. You will come across people who are blinded by today's plastic beauty standards. Let them question you, let them ask you why you don't put on makeup to hide your imperfections. Tell them your story and hope that it helps them understand that your skin imperfections are not to be concealed under layers of makeup. They are something to be owned, loved and be okay with.

Be the real you- While trying to find true love on dating sites, don't try to look perfect. Concealers can hide your skin imperfections, which would also conceal the real you. It isn't that you should not wear makeup to look your best, but don't change anything about yourself while meeting your potential true love on social media. You can't wear makeup forever and neither can you apply filters in real life. So, if it is your true love, then he or she will accept all your skin imperfections and love you for who you are and not how your skin looks.

Always remember that your skin imperfections are a part of you and the best way to love your skin imperfections is to not think of them as imperfections at all. Finding true love on dating sites won't depend on how perfect your skin is. It will be about making a connection based on honesty, trust and friendship. So now, whenever anyone tries to point at your skin imperfections, point at their head and tell them that it is their thinking that imperfect and needs to be changed.

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