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Open Guard Vs Closed Guard Clippers

Ever seen wool cut from sheep? If you haven’t seen a clipper, this is the closest you can get to how a clipper works. Clippers are attached to the body of electronic razors and are used to cut your hair close to the surface. You can find it on the head of the trimmer as sharpened comb-like blades which are adjustable. Clippers come in different materials, but are generally made of stainless steel. 

Whether you want a very close shave or trim and bringing your facial hair into shape, you can choose to use an open guard or closed guard clipper.

In this article, let us find out about open guard vs closed guard clippers and their impact on your face. 

History of open and close clippers

Back in 1911, Leo J. Wahl invented the electromagnetic motor and created a medical massager for his uncle. Soon after his first invention, he started selling this in barbershops. He used his skill and the lack of proper barber tools to create his own business of electric clippers. In 1919, he took over Wahl Clipper Corporation and the rest is history.

What are open guard and closed guard clippers?

Clippers are used to cut facial hair or any hair at a precise length. You can see seasoned barbers using trimmers without guard clippers since they have the skill to trim freehand. 

Have you ever realized what an important role a guard clipper plays? Well, a lever, when tilted towards the cutting blade, becomes a closed guard clipper and tends to cut hair more short and clean. Whereas, if a lever is pushed back from the blade, it turns into an open guarded clipper and leaves hair a little longer. This allows you to cut your beard like a professional! 

When you want to keep your beard but want it to be in a proper shape that looks clean, you can use open guard clippers.

Can you use clippers without a guard?

Using clippers without a guard can quickly turn into a nightmare. Using a clipper without guards requires a lot of focus and a steady hand to cut your hair or trim your beard without clipper guards. Even a small mistake can leave you with a bizarre look. It is recommended that you use a guarded clipper to get an effortless shaving experience without the risk of changing your entire look. 

How to properly use hair clippers to shave your facial hair

As the first step of using hair clippers, learn the numbering system of the blade guards, which determine how much length of the beard or hair you want to trim. For easy remembering, remember that the number on the guard is directly proportional to the length of the beard or hair that remains after the cut. So, the smaller the number shorter the beard or hair after the trim.

Usually, clipper guards are available in different sizes, which vary from zero to eight. Here, size one gives you the shortest hair while number 8 gives you the longest hair. You should select the clipper guard while shaving or trimming your hair as per your preference.

When you set your clipper to zero, there will barely be any hair left after the trim. If you set it to a four, it will leave half an inch of hair while trimming the rest of the hair. 

If you want a faded look on your face, you can use closed guard clippers which is as good as a zero on areas where you want less beard. Similarly, use an open guard clipper to keep the beard heavier in places as per your wish.

Open guard vs closed guard clippers depending on your face shape

An open guard clipper keeps your beard longer but trims it evenly so that you get a neat look. A closed guard clipper, on the other hand, gives you a cleaner trimmed beard. Now, the style of beard you wish to keep has an impact on your face. The way you look greatly depends on the kind of beard you keep. 

For men with an oblong or rectangular face, it is best to keep a beard that makes the face look fuller. A chinstrap beard does the work. To get this beard and maintain it properly, you can use closed guard clippers on all of your cheeks, leaving behind the lower portion of your face, starting from the bottom of the ears to the chin. In these areas, use an open guard with the number set at 2 or 3. This beard also looks great if you have a square or a round face.

If you have an oval-shaped face, you don’t have to worry about what type of beard you keep. You can use both open and closed guard clippers when you decide you trim your beard, not worrying about whether it will suit you or not. To accentuate your features the best, you can go for a short trimmed beard with clean, defined lines. 

Keeping a full-grown beard to a goatee on your chin will work for men with diamond faces. Having hair on your chin will give you a fine and handsome look as it symmetries your face in a better way. A mustache will also make you look fine. Men with such shapes are literally blessed as they are open to a variety of styles for their beard look. 

For those having a triangle-shaped face, a goatee or chin strap beard will make your face appealing. Moustache will be added essence to your triangle face as it will give you an over-the-top look. 

If you choose open vs closed clippers it can come down to personal preference. Whether you use an open guard or a closed guard clipper greatly impacts your face. It changes the way you look. Depending on the shape of your face, choose to use the ones that are best for you.

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