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Should Men Shave Their Beards Before Or After Shower?

To shave or not to shave, that is the question. As soon as a boy reaches puberty, he starts showing the first signs of facial hair. What a moment of pride for every boy to flaunt his faint but newly-acquired mustache!

Most men have to learn to shave their facial hair in their early teens. It becomes like a morning ritual often accompanied by memorable father-son moments.

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However, whether to shave or not to shave is not the only question for men. For years another question that demands an answer is whether men should shave their faces before or after showering. Should I shave my face before or after shower?

There is no hard and fast rule that all men can follow. The time of shaving their facial hair depends on several factors, from their skin type to how much time they can afford to spend on shaving and the shaving equipment they use. 

Here’s a list of questions that majorly guide whether men should shave their faces before or after a shower.

  1. Is your facial hair soft or hard?
  2. What type of razor do you use to shave your face- manual ones with blades or electric ones?
  3. How much time can you spend completing the shaving process?
  4. Do you use shaving creams or do you go for a dry shave?
  5. Does your skin feel sensitive after shaving?
  6. Should you moisturize after shaving your face?

Once you have an answer to all these questions, you will know if you should shave your face before or after a shower. 

Let’s answer all these questions for you to help you decide whether to shave your face before or after a shower. 

When to shave if you have hard facial hair: before or after a shower?

If you have hard and coarse facial hair, then it is better to shave after a shower. A good warm shower helps to soften the facial hair and open up the skin pores making it easier to get a close shave. 

After the shower, your skin traps moisture, making it even more convenient for you to get a clean shave. As per experts, shaving after a shower eliminates the chances of cuts and irritation to the skin. Also, showering makes your skin pores open and enables you to exfoliate your skin, ensuring an irritation-free shave. 

After considering the above benefits, it is better to shave after a shower if you have hard and dense facial hairs on your face. It promotes hygiene and safeguards your skin from irritation when you dry shave hard facial hair.

What type of razor do you use to shave your face: manual ones with blades or electric ones?

When you choose a razor, it takes several points to consider. If you have a habit of shaving after a shower, it is better to use a traditional manual razor with blades. This razor is also called by different names- the safety razor, disposable razor, and straight razor. Bathing before shaving tends to smooth your facial hair follicles and gives you a gentle and clean shaving experience.

On the contrary, if you prefer to shave before a bath, trimming your facial hair with electric razors is better. This is because an electric trimmer easily sweeps away your facial hair when you use it with firm and steady hands. You can also use electronic razors after showering, but they are best when used on dry skin. They are easy to use and eliminate chances of irritation and redness.

So if you want to have a close shave, use a manual razor after showering. Otherwise, for a dry and quick shave, you can use electric razors for an effortlessly even trimming.

How much time can you spend completing the shaving process?

A dry shave before showering allows you to spend significantly less time for the entire process. So, if you want to go for a quick shave, then go shaving before showering. You can also choose an electric razor to minimize time spent on shaving even further. However, during a quick, dry shave, be very careful not to hurry as long as the razor is on your face. If you are a beginner, spend a good amount of time trimming your facial hair before a shower.

If you like to spend more time getting a perfect shave, then go for it after you take a shower. Your skin will be hydrated and facial hair softer, so you need to be extremely careful while shaving. While shaving after taking a shower, you can go for manual, handheld razors to have complete control.

Can you shave your face without shaving cream?

If you like to shave using creams and gels, it is recommended that you shave after a shower. If you prefer quick, dry shaves, then go for shaving before a shower. However, dry shaving often comes with the risks of getting nicks and cuts, especially if you are a beginner. Dry shaves also tend to make your skin feel itchy and irritated, which brings us to our last and most important question of skin sensitivity, the deciding factor of whether men should shave their face before or after a shower.

Do you have sensitive skin?

If so, you want the best shaving routine for sensitive skin. The type of skin you possess determines whether you should go for shaving after or before taking a bath. Men who have dry but sensitive skin should shave after a shower. Use pre-shave cream and oils to prevent your skin from becoming drier after shaving. Since taking a shower before shaving softens the hair follicle and the skin, it allows the oil or cream to soak up better. Follow up with a hydrating and cooling aftershave lotion to prevent any irritation and flakiness. If you suffer from acute dryness, then go for in-shower shaving, where you shave while showering. This helps keep your skin soft and cool during and after you are done with the shaving process.

If your skin is not sensitive, you can shave even before showering. However, try not to skip aftershave lotion to lock in essential skin oils and moisture and prevent your skin from becoming hard. Also shop around and find the best razor for sensitive skin for males.

How many times should you shave your face?

How often should you shave your face male depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. Many males like to give their face a rest during weekends or times they don’t need to appear perfectly groomed for work. Others can’t miss a day without shaving. How often can you shave your face also depends on how your skin reacts to shaving.

So, now that you have your answers to the question of should men shave their faces before or after a shower, it’s time to pick your side and go shaving.


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