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Activated charcoal Vs Bamboo Charcoal

activated charcoal vs charcoal
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Charcoal has taken over the skincare industry and for all the right reasons. From detoxifying and rejuvenating the skin and clogged pores and acne, charcoal is a wonder ingredient that has proven results. This miraculous black powder is one of the most beloved ingredients among skincare junkies and is even used in toothpaste. 

Ground Charcoal for skin

Charcoal is extremely powerful in drawing out toxins, dirt, and oil present in the pores of your skin, leaving you with squeaky clean skin that glows. Charcoal has been long used as a key ingredient in products made for medicinal purposes such as detox and poison removal, but its heroic entry into the skincare world is quite recent. Thank goodness for the person who realized charcoal could be incorporated into skincare routines.

[what is the difference between charcoal and activated charcoal?]

You can find charcoal in face cleansers, exfoliants, face masks, sheet masks, deodorants and many more health beauty products. Charcoal is extremely porous and has a very large surface area. When added to your skincare products, charcoal attracts and adorbs all the dirt and impurities it comes in contact with. Charcoal helps combat sweat, dirt, bacteria, makeup, and pollution that can get onto your skin and into your pores. From there, it can cause skin issues ranging from cosmetic ones like dull-looking skin to annoying ones like acne. Some people even call charcoal a weapon because it fights the war on skin conditions that can negatively affect your life.

Now, don't get confused between absorption and adsorption. They are not the same. While absorption allows the substance to enter into the material like a sponge, adsorption only allows the substance to attach to the material like charcoal. So charcoal must come in contact with the dirt and impurities to work its magic.

But, did you know that there are two kinds of charcoal used for skincare purposes? Yes, you heard that right. So, let's talk about bamboo charcoal vs activated charcoal and discover the difference between the two. 

Activated charcoal vs Charcoal

Even though bamboo charcoal and activated charcoal offer similar skincare benefits, they are still entirely different. This is due to the process of their extraction. Both these ingredients are extracted from different sources. 

Bamboo for skin

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal comes from the Moso bamboo plant commonly grown in China and Taiwan but also cultivated and grown around the world. The process of making bamboo charcoal starts when small pieces of the bamboo plant are heated at temperatures of up to 1800° F. The black powder produced using this method is called bamboo charcoal.

But this bamboo charcoal is not yet ready to be used in skincare products. It first needs to be activated by further injecting it with steam. This process expands the surface area of the charcoal, thus enhancing its adsorption power to better remove toxins, bacteria, and harmful particles from the skin. Also, no additional chemicals are added to the process, which ensures that the product is 100% natural. The Moso bamboo plant, the tallest species of bamboo on the globe, is also fast-growing, making it a plentiful resource.

Activated charcoal for skin

Activated Charcoal

Now, let's find out about activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is made from coconut shells, bone char, wood, or petroleum. The charcoal is activated to produce similar qualities and uses as bamboo charcoal. The charcoal is treated with oxygen at high temperatures to increase its surface area. The process changes its internal structure, thus reducing its pore size and increasing its surface area to better extract impurities and oil from the skin.

Both of these charcoals offer similar benefits for your skin. Benefits of charcoal cleanser made from bamboo and activated charcoal are:

  • Efficient exfoliants for dry skin as they remove dead skin cells without stripping the skin of its natural oils
  • Great cleansers for removing impurities, dirt, and sebum from the skin because of their high adsorbent properties
  • Helps with skin conditions like acne, cold sores, and hives, as it carries antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties 
  • It can also be added to your bath as it releases minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium for better circulation and relaxation

One of the best parts about charcoal is that it is suitable for all skin types, including oily, normal, combination and sensitive. So you can use it even if you have delicate skin that flares up easily or is prone to allergies. It's natural, halogen-free and non-toxic. No wonder charcoal has been so widely embraced by the beauty industry.

Bamboo charcoal for skin

Bamboo Charcoal Vs Activated Charcoal

So when it comes to bamboo charcoal versus activated charcoal, which one is better? Vivalui has come up with something better. Blending activated charcoal with bamboo charcoal, this deep pore cleanser is a powerful yet natural skincare product. Yes, you get the best of both charcoals thanks to modern research and technology. Developing an all-around skin cleanser suitable for all skin types is one of Vivalui's finest moments. 

In your hands is a sustainable and environmentally friendly skincare product that is natural, effective and affordable. Vivalui's Activated Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser bamboo charcoal, olive oil, reship, borage, tea tree and botanical extracts from calendula, aloe vera and red clover. It's packaged up in a modern tube that will last you 4-6 weeks. It won't take long to notice your skin feels smoother, more hydrated, has less noticeable pigmentation and blemishes and although you might be able to see it your pores will be smaller to stop toxins and bacteria from clogging them up. 

Try it and you will soon be raving about how great your complexion looks and feels, just like all the other guys who love this cleanser. You might get compliments that you are looking fine or questions about what is different as your skin condition improves. Try it, you won't regret it!

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