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How Masculine Is Your Face?

He's such a manly man. He's obviously in touch with his feminine side. These comments can come from someone's body language and the way they carry themselves, clothing, style and facial features. While we are fascinated with the psychology of non-verbal communication and the world of fashion, today we are looking at the man in the mirror.

If you are wondering how masculine your face is, you have probably looked at your gorgeous mug very closely in the mirror. It is true certain facial features make a person appear more masculine or feminine. It's interesting to consider, and some people even go as far as plastic surgery to change how they look. Let's look at each part of the face and see how yours measures up.

How masculine is my face?

Feeling nosy?

There are so many sayings about noses. Don't be a Nosey Parker. It's right under your nose. Rub your nose in it. Cut off your nose in spite of your face. It's on the nose. Perhaps it is because the nose is such a prominent facial feature that can distinguish men from women. In general, guys have bigger noses than girls with stronger-looking bone structure. Women have small, more delicate-looking noses that look feminine compared to their male counterparts.

Eye spy

The eyes and eyebrows are also distinctive facial features. The appearance of women's eyes is often larger than men because their eyebrows are a little higher and more arched naturally or groomed to look more defined. As well as tweezing, plucking, waxing and threading eyebrows into stylish shapes, women also dye them. The use of make-up also can make the eyes look larger and more noticeable. Men have thicker and bushier eyebrows than women. If you want to look manly, keep those brows defined, thick and tidy to make the most of your face. Don't pluck your eyebrows until they look thin. It is easy to get carried away and end up with uneven brows that look too thin.

Facial hair

Perhaps the most obvious facial feature that can make you look masculine is facial hair. Although women can have facial hair, they usually try to remove or hide it. On the other hand, men make the most of their facial hair with mustaches, stubble and beards, all being groomed into fashion statements that stand out. 

Pucker Up

When it comes to lips, nobody talks about masculine lips. But they can look more masculine when compared with a woman's lips. The female population tends to have full, lush lips (again enhanced by make-up to stand out), while men's lips are thinner. Men's lips are not as close to the nose as women's, which is strange to consider but check them out - it's true!

Man's face

Brows and foreheads

Men have bigger and wider brows than women. A big brow can be attractively masculine, so don't hide it behind too much hair or a hat if you are blessed with a manly brow. 

Cheek to cheek

Chiseled face bone cheeks are all the rage on the catwalk and men who are blessed with them often appear confident and masculine. Dimples are also cute. Women have fuller cheeks compared to men and will often use make-up to get a more defined look to the cheeks like men naturally have.

On the chin

A strong chin can make you look masculine. Many guys have chins that are more structured and strong-looking when compared to the female population. Women have softer jawlines that look less masculine than males.

Man looking in the mirror

The Face Test

There are websites that measure how masculine your face looks. For example, on Pictriev you can upload a clear photo of your face and be given a percentage reading of how masculine and feminine you look. It also estimates your age and gives you a lineup of famous celebrities who you resemble. How accurate this face test is can only be determined by your own opinion. But you could spend a few minutes taking a clear selfie and soon feel like you are Brad Pitt's long-lost twin. Fun to try and great for the self-esteem, there is no harm in taking an online face test to measure how masculine your face seems to be. There are lots of sites like this and with technology moving fast forward constantly, we feel those sites will become more accurate and sophisticated in the future. 

Inner Masculinity

Of course, feeling masculine isn't all about how you look. It's how you feel as well. To feel great, you need to take care of yourself, mind, body and soul. Having a great skincare routine is one way to look after your body. From your face to your body right down to your toes, you can use quality products to keep your skin in great shape. 

Remember the important steps for looking after your face: cleanse, tone and moisturize with serum, eye cream and face moisturizer. For the body, exfoliate and moisturize regularly and use rich creams on those hands and feet. Products with SPF are also essential to protect your face and body from the sun's harmful rays.

The modern man knows skincare and masculinity go together. In the past, those things were not hand in hand. For many men, soap, water, and maybe aftershave were the only face care products in the bathroom. Adding shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant, many men felt like they were on the verge of being metrosexual. Since the market wasn't thriving, the products on offer were limited too. A small collection of men's skincare products could be found, which is a big contrast today with aisles full of products designed specifically for males.

Now guys, realize that when you look and feel your best, it is reflected in all aspects of your life. As a result, they have embraced all the benefits of skincare and are looking younger, healthier and more masculine.

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