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The One Skin Routine to Clear Up Acne On Your Temples

Even though teenagers are the most common sufferers of acne pimples, adults are often prone to getting them too. As a teenager, your skin is likely to get acne due to hormonal changes and other inflammation caused to your skin. Acne is a skin issue that often starts with puberty.

Most people can’t skip acne. It makes a grand entry during teenage. The worst part? It comes without an invitation. It may also follow you even after your teenaged years. If your skin condition is severe and not treated on time, no one can save you from acne at any age. It is always suggested to follow a proper skincare routine to keep acne at bay.

Acne pimples and the marks that they leave behind often reduce a person’s self-confidence. While acne pimples can appear on any part of the face or even the back and neck, the ones that appear on the temples are the worst. They are visible and make the face appear imperfect. In this article, discover an effective skin routine that clears up acne pimples on temples forever.

What are the main causes of acne on your temple?

Let’s address the main temple acne causes. Acne pimples form on temples due to various underlying reasons. Your day-to-day habits are also somehow responsible for your breakouts. Frequent touching of the face from your hands may transmit dirt and bacteria, leading to acne pimples.

You need to know that acne appears when the pores of the skin pores get clogged due to excess oil that traps dirt and grime and provides a perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. Keeping the skin clean is the secret to not having acne. However, there are other reasons, too, that can lead to the appearance of acne pimples, mainly on the temples.

Some of main temple acne causes are as follows:

Change in hormone levels

During adolescence, the hormone levels in the body change drastically, leading to acne pimples. These can appear on all the parts of the body irrespective of how clean your skin is. However, maintaining a proper skin routine helps you to clear up acne pimples caused by hormonal changes faster.

There is not much you can do to avoid acne pimples caused by hormonal changes. Use cleanser and moisturizer that are suitable for your skin type. Include sufficient leafy greens in your diet, along with lots of fluid.


Makeup can also be the cause of acne pimples. When you apply makeup without priming your skin or don’t remove makeup properly, it could lead to severe breakouts. Makeup doesn’t let your skin breathe and clogs the pore triggering the chances of the appearance of acne pimples on the face.

Face temples are often one of the least cared about areas of the face. We scrub our cheeks, chin, and nose but forget the temple. At times, the temple also needs more than just one swipe to remove makeup. Any trace of makeup left on the skin overnight can lead to acne pimples.

Also, you should never use any expired cosmetics on any delicate part or any part of the skin as it may lead to high exposure to acne.


You must be wondering how sweating can be responsible for acne pimples? Well, sweat helps acne-causing bacteria to be on your skin. Using unwashed sweat-soaked towels, using oil-based creams before exercising, and wearing dirty headgears can contribute to the formation of acne pimples, especially on your temples.

In order to avoid acne, use clean towels and wear clean clothes before the gym, do not use oil-based sunscreen, and never share your headgears with anyone.

How to clear up acne on your temples forever?

Even if your temple acne pimples are caused by genetics or hormonal imbalance, maintaining a proper skin routine helps to clear up acne on the temples forever.

Here’s an easy-to-follow routine to remove acne from your face.

Start by washing your face

Make it a habit to wash your face with water and a cleanser in the morning and at bedtime. If you have sensitive skin, you can use the cleanser once or as it suits your skin. Regular cleaning of your skin helps you remove impurities from the face that lead to the development of acne pimples. Pay attention to your temple and cleanse it properly with circular motions.

Use the right face cleanser according to your skin type

Sometimes just washing your face isn’t enough to keep your skin free from acne pimples. You also need to find and use a face cleanser that suits your skin above all. It helps you to eliminate dirt and treat clogged pores in a more effective manner while keeping your skin non-irritated.

To properly cleanse your face, take a small amount of cleanser on your palm and massage all over your face and especially on the areas which are usually left out. Temples on the face are prone to acne pimples and people do not emphasize this area much as needed. It is important to keep your temples clean to keep your skin healthy all the time.

Exfoliate your skin but not for too long

Use a gentle face scrub to remove build-up from within the pores of your skin. Use your fingers to massage the temples for at least 20 seconds and then move to the other parts of your face. Don’t leave the scrub on your face for more than a minute as this may irritate the skin on the softer parts of your face.

Moisturize your skin

After cleansing and scrubbing your face, apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type. This is an essential part of your skin routine to clear up acne pimples on temples forever. If you avoid moisturizer thinking that it will worsen the acne, then time to think again. Your skin needs hydration to stay healthy and only a moisturizer can help. Using the right moisturizer will make your skin feel softer while retaining the essential oils needed for healthy skin.

Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing: this is the perfect skin routine to clear up acne pimples not just on the temples, but on all of your face. Along with this routine, eat healthily and drink lots of water.

Your skin should be clearer after eliminating the main temple acne causes.

Final tip: If your temples get sweaty, pat dry with a soft cloth and wash your face to remove the sweat.

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