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How To Use A Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

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Silicone scrubbers are one of the latest inventions in the world of skincare inventions and we are impressed with the results. With tiny silicone bristles, they remove dirt and impurities and exfoliate at the same time. Toxins that aren't wanted attach easily to the silicone surface and get your skin ready for products that follow next in your skincare routine like toner, serum and moisturizer. Silicone brushes are effective in exfoliating and cleansing and are gentle on the skin. The advantage is a much deeper cleanse than you can get using a cleanser on your hands or a face cloth and better makeup removal.

Washing with a silicone scrubber can have almost the same effect as washing your face with charcoal.

Silicone scrubbers can be purchased at pharmacies, beauty stores, department stores, or online and are usually manual or powered by battery or USB. Look for one that is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and easy to clean. Always clean your facial cleansing brush well after each use with warm water and you may use a cleanser as well to ensure it is perfectly clean. Cleaning the brush after use is just as important as cleaning your face because if germs and grime are left on the brush over time, it could lead increasing breakouts on your face. The same goes for your toothbrush, hairbrush and shaver.  

 Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

Many silicone brush fans say they are less abrasive than other kinds of face brushes or loofahs which can also be used on the body. They effectively remove makeup, sweat, sunscreen, and dirt, which can all gather dirt and stick to your face if you have a busy and active lifestyle. It is essential to remove all of these substances from your skin by the end of the day because they can clog your pores and lead to skin issues if they are not removed or only partially cleaned. They are easy to use, do the job well, and give your skin a massage that can boost circulation and cell turnover. Who knew there were so many advantages to using a silicone facial brush as part of your skincare routine?

How To Use A Facial Cleansing Brush

Before using your brush for the first time, read through the manual. If you have sensitive skin, start by using the brush once or twice a week so your skin can get used to the new method of cleaning and you can observe how your skin reacts. 

Follow the instructions for first-time use, which should include washing the brush in warm water. Apply your favorite gentle cleanser to your face, wet the brush and use it to massage the cleanser into your skin. Use soft circular motions applying gentle pressure. When you have washed your entire face, rinse your face and brush with warm water. Pat your skin dry, then apply your usual moisturizer and sunscreen. 

The Wireless Ultrasonic Electric Facial Cleansing Brush From Vivalui

This rechargeable silicone electric facial cleansing brush has the best quality silicone available, safe for skin and doesn't store harmful bacteria. It is wireless, which is really handy and also is waterproof and self-cleaning. With vibrating pulses, the brush gives your skin a deep clean. Another luxury feature is its heating pads which help open pores so dirt can be flushed out easier.

The smart design includes 360-degree cleaning and an ergonomic grip. It even has different textures for the various areas of your face. For example, you might use a softer texture on the skin around your lips and eyes and a firmer texture on your forehead. 

After use, slip it into the charger, so it's ready next time you need it. It is compact and light enough to take on trips and comes in the following gorgeous colors: blue, nude, pink, purple and latte.

If you haven't tried a silicone facial cleansing brush before, now is the time to start. Ask around your friends and family to see how you have discovered this great way to cleanse and clean. Many makeup artists, beauticians, celebrities and influencers also endorse the benefits that come with using a quality silicone facial cleansing brush. It will be the new hero accessory in your bathroom and you've soon be sharing the secret to your glowing skin with everyone who comments how fabulous you look lately. 

Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Important To Note

Avoid using a silicone scrubber if you've recently undergone procedures like micro-needling, a chemical peel, laser or cosmetic treatments such as fillers or Botox. Your skin could be prone to being sensitive and easily infected at this time. 

Remember why a face cleansing brush is so important. It removes impurities from your skin so it is healthy and glowing. The best facial washes cleanse without robbing the skin of the moisture essential for healthy-looking, supple skin. Facial cleansers are an important part of a great skincare routine and a silicone facial brush is a perfect accessory to go along with it.

Save the loofah, sponges and traditional brushes for your body and use a silicone facial cleansing brush on your face. Once you try it, you won't want to go back to cleansing with other brushes, your hands or a face cloth. 


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